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The Good, the Bad, & the Baby (GBB) offers affordable, inclusive classes around reproductive issues in Oakland, California. Classes are available for childbirth preparation, preconception planning, and newborn care. The GBB curriculum is designed to include every type of family, and prepare for a spectrum of scenarios. At GBB we seek to provide quality educational resources that are accessible during this time of major life change. Parents and prospective parents will leave our classes well-prepared to move forward on their journey.


“Lauren is the kind of midwife and childbirth educator we need more of in the world. She has an intuitive knowing, not only a textbook learning, of pregnancy, labor, birth, and newborn care. As the mother of three, she also has first-hand experience. She has a wealth of information in her mind and a heart of gold as well. She’s such a strong advocate and loving presence. She encourages learning based on where people are at and is able to serve a range of learning styles. I couldn’t recommend her more!” — Lauren Lo Bue, Doula & CNM Student


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