The Good, the Bad, and the Baby  Classes

GBB classrooms are a come as you are environment. Everyone is welcomed, accepted, and accommodated regardless of race, ethnicity, disability, gender, sexuality, class background, size, or religion.

GBB Childbirth Prep Intensive class is a new way to prepare for birth and the first weeks of parenthood. This class is designed to honor your time and financial constraints while offering comprehensive education.

GBB Childbirth Education 3 Class Series In this three-part series we learn about current evidence-based information for late pregnancy, birth and postpartum (session one), labor coping and relaxation strategies (session two), and postpartum well-being, newborn care, and managing changing relationships (session three).

GBB Newborn Care covers more comprehensive aspects of newborn care than we go over in the Childbirth Prep class. Respect for the personhood and experience of newborn babies is the foundation of this class. Balancing the needs of every family member is the outcome we are striving for!

GBB Fertility & Preconception Planning classes offer insight into health and nutrition pre-pregnancy, as well as practical information about tracking ovulation and understanding reproductive supports.

GBB Postpartum Wellness offers insight into this oft-neglected aspect of new parent well being. Many families devote so much attention to birth and baby preparations that they learn how crucial postpartum wellness is after their family is already in crisis. This class offers practical tools to protect your growing family, create respectful boundaries, and recover from birth so that the first months of your child’s life are some of your happiest memories.

Do you wish GBB classes were available in your area? We are looking for classroom space in the Mount Diablo area, including East County. If you have any leads, requests, or want to host a class, please contact us!


“Lauren is one of the most personally knowledgeable individuals that I know when it comes to reproductive matters. To be quite frank, when I have something I will likely need to speak with my gynecologist about, I usually speak with Lauren first. This isn’t just because she can help me move more smoothly through steps I’ll likely need to navigate in my quest for a diagnosis. It’s also because she has helped me understand what it means to advocate for myself while navigating an impersonal medical bureaucracy. That advocacy is a self-replicating gift, such that people in my life who are in crisis and going through serious  medical situations have benefited from what she’s taught me.” — Bridget