GBB Postpartum Wellness

The postpartum period is the most overlooked aspect of preparation for a growing family, but it is the most important. This time lasts much longer than labor or birth and is deeply emotional, for better or worse. The Postpartum Wellness class is suitable for first-timers and those who already have children. This class is highly recommended if you have had or are at risk of postpartum depression or anxiety. In our Postpartum Wellness class we will cover these vital topics:

  • Preparing your living space
  • Setting boundaries with friends and family
  • Nutrition
  • Social connections
  • Community resources
  • Mental health
  • Relationship health
  • Rehabilitating the pelvic floor
  • Adjusting to changing roles
  • Connecting your new self with your past self
  • Sibling relationships

We will design a postpartum plan together in class for the whole family. Partners are highly encouraged to attend and included in tuition. Students may also bring their close friends and family to develop a comprehensive support plan at $75 per additional family member.

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Tuition: $175
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