GBB Fertility & Preconception Planning

GBB Fertility & Preconception Planning

Thinking about having a baby? Feeling like you are never fully ready? Find out what it takes to conceive and be prepared to start the journey into parenthood. Conceive with confidence!

This 4-hour class demystifies the reproductive process and gives realistic and helpful tools for understanding and supporting fertility and early parenthood for anyone who may be interested.

What the Fertility and Preconception Planning class explores:

  • What do you actually need to be ready to have a baby? (Maybe not what you think!)
  • How ovulation works and how to track it
  • Nutrition
  • Health (what areas are especially important to take care of before conception– this may surprise you!)
  • Assistive technologies
  • Evidence-based holistic methods of supporting fertility
  • Getting through the “two-week-wait”
  • Support for early pregnancy
  • Local resources for fertility and fertility assistance
  • Financial planning for early parenthood
  • What items and resources you really need in the first year
  • Miscarriage and repeat miscarriage support

Next Oakland class: May 18, 1-5pm, break for lunch

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Tuition: $150 per family/couple
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