It is important that information and resources about reproductive health and supports be accessible to all who need them. Classes are designed to be affordable in the current market, while still providing compensation for the overhead costs and knowledge, experience, and time of the instructor.

Available discounts:
25% discount for families of color, disabled parents, trans parents, prenatal diagnosis of genetic disability, single parents, teen parents, families with a currently or formerly incarcerated parent, and parents utilizing SNAP.

15% discount for union members

10% discount to those referred from partner doulas and other partnered practitioners

If you would like to make childbirth prep classes more affordable for others, please consider donating to the scholarship fund.

Tuition and materials fees:

Preconception Planning: $150

Childbirth Prep Intensive: $250
(Not your first rodeo? Take the class as a refresher for $150!)

Childbirth Prep 3 Class Series: $500

Newborn Care: $250

Postpartum Wellness: $175

For private classes, please add $100 for each class option except Preconception Planning.

Standard discounts may not be combined. Additional discount codes may be available and may be added to standard discounts. Deposit of $75 is required to hold a place in each class. Tuition must be paid in full by 1 week before class date unless other arrangements are made with the instructor. Tuition for cancellations made prior to one week in advance of class will be refunded in full. Tuition for cancellations made after one week but prior to 48 hours in advance of class will be refunded by half. Cancellations after that point will not be refunded. Payment plans are accepted, please make arrangements with instructor.

If you are a practitioner working in reproductive health such as a doula, midwife, lactation consultant, breastfeeding counselor, nurse, student, or so on, and are interested in auditing the class, enrollment is offered at $100 as a professional courtesy.


As a woman with PCOS, getting pregnant can be very difficult. The first time I conceived I required Clomid and it resulted in a full term pregnancy. Unfortunately, I was unable to conceive and carry to term again despite several roundsof Clomid. Lauren provided compassionate support when I required a D&C abortion, and when my body spontaneously aborted at 9 weeks. After years of heartbreak, loss, and a kidney transplant, I wanted to avoid traditional fertility medication if possible as we tried to conceive again. Lauren was instrumental in helping me with my diet, vitamins and herbal supplement choices that helped my body regulate its cycles, create a healthy environment for conception, and ultimately resulted in a full term pregnancy.” — Heather, mom of 2